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Congratulations to league champions, Tiny Meat Gang. Thanks to all the teams who played this year.

Team Rosters 2018

Hello everyone! Below are the current rosters for the 4 teams in the mixed outdoor league starting this Sunday! The roster is also posted in as a downloadable word document underneath. The first games have been posted, and the remaining schedule will be posted soon. Please remember that all players must have proper footwear and shin pads to play. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Please note I have a new phone number: 705-308-2675



Tiny Meat Gang – Captain Karen Desjardins

1.          Karen Desjardins

2.          Shayden Desjardins

3.          Darian Desjardins

4.          Sydney Desjardins

5.          Candace Durkee

6.          Brittany Borchuk

7.          Rachel Brown

8.          Melinda Gilmour

9.          Dwayne Teel

10.    Tom Crews

11.    John Crews

12.    Josh Nottingham

13.    Mitch McCausland

14.    Morgan Brown

15.    Hemza Kherajii

16.    David Courtmanche

17.    Devin Wilson


Team Vonk – Captain Sarah Vonk

1.          Cori Millard

2.          Sam Holtby

3.          Austin Bye

4.          Jen Diamond

5.          Dymond Charles

6.          Owen Jones

7.          Jason Diamond

8.          Alex (Sarah) Vonk

9.          Ryan Vonk

10.    Sydney Murchison

11.    Ami Noble

12.    Evan Matthew

13.    Richard Kellar

14.    Rachel Kellar

15.    Fred Hull


Team Benson/Mah – Captains Tara Benson and Julie Mah

1.          Scott Robinson

2.          Chris Craig

3.          Mark Wallbank

4.          Rudi Kerschl

5.          Erin Magnam

6.          Jon Magnam

7.          Jenna Stephens

8.          Jessie Foerter

9.          Thomas Benson

10.    Tara Benson

11.    Jessica Howell

12.    Danielle Lohnes

13.    Quinten McLaren

14.    Spencer Webber

15.    Brittney Dickenson

16.    Megan Young

17.    Jeff Robert

18.    Greg Bradley


Thermotech – Captain Bill Zubulakis

1.          Ron Robertson

2.          Jayden Keenan

3.          Greg Bartle

4.          Dimitri Tsalavoutas

5.          Stephanie Young

6.          Dimitra Zubulakis

7.          Bill Zubulakis

8.          Madison Lyver

9.         Robin Tanney

10.    Summer Osbourne

11.    Ken Louie

12.    Ross Wallen

13.    Chris Marshall

League Information

Registration:  Please register by August 30 (see Registration page on website)  
Minimum age: 16
League Type: Co-ed
Skill level: any (beginners to experienced players)
New Players:  welcome 
Cost: $70 (includes team shirt)
Season:  September 9th to late October
Game day: Sunday afternoons

Please contact the Adult Mixed  League Convenor if you have any questions.

2017 Fall Mixed Outdoor Champions - Lindsay Squares

Kirk Winter

Kirk Winter

Adult Mixed League Convenor